Friday, July 24, 2009

Renton Annual Art Show

Last night was the opening gathering for the Renton Annual Art Show that will be open free to the public for the next three days. I am going to just wet your appetite and show you a handful of goodies. Feel inspired to further explore the rest for yourself.
Art - we all need to heed the call and include it in our daily diet.

Little 17th and Roxbury by Terry Sargent Peart Winner of the Juror's Award

My Best Self by Jennifer Sain Winner Art Supplies 1

Yellow Sprinkle by Mike Ferguson

Night Glow by Julie Eggers Winner Lucille Culliton Award

Brit Petersen pictured here with her proud mother, Gloria beside her lovely colored pencil work that garnered her the Renton Municipal Arts Commission Award. Why, Brit is ON that council - how could this be? All entries were judged with only numbers assigned to them - Brit won this fine award fair and square. Congratulations, Brit! It's a beauty!

Renton Annual Art Show
July 24,25 and 26
Friday and Saturday 10 - 6, Sunday 12- 5
Renton Community Center
1715 Maple Valley Highway (next to Carco Theater)

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