Friday, July 24, 2009

Renton River Fun

Ummmm - BIG Rubber Ducky, who will squish you into submission and make you buy a $5 Rubber Ducky Derby Ticket and have a chance to win a prize - or just have the pleasure of watching thousands of yellow ducks race down the Cedar River at 4:30 pm this Sunday.

This part of Renton River Days, sponsored by McLendon's, is by far my favorite each and every year - The Petting Zoo.This is what fairs of old were all about - farm animals, 4-H like stuff and free entertainment for the kiddies (opps, and a few of us adults as well...)

This would then come in second place right after the Petting Zoo above in the list of "must dos" at the Renton River Days over in the Art Market/Arts and Crafts area. Bang away on any number of hanging items and make a joyful noise. It's a "free for all"

Oh, let go of my Lego! Lego on the grass, Lego on the table - lego, lego everywhere! This booth let's your inner architect roam free and have fun. Hop, skip and jump your way over there today!

Love to draw? Think you have a good sense of fashion? Try the Renton Historical Museum booth where you can decorate a Native American Indian vest to wear home or a lovely flower and shell necklace. Get stylish with your crayons right here.

Oh, this is such a no brainer! Line-up and go!

Renton River Days
Liberty Park/Gianini Stadium
The Art Market

10 am - 8 pm

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