Thursday, July 16, 2009

Renton's got Music

Could it be, that in a city as large as Renton (numero five in the state, y'all - and growing!), Tyrannosaurus Records will be THE independent music store? Whatever the stats may bear out, the inclusion of some music in the DTR is way past due. Nich, the owner of the soon to open store ( signs say August) has begun his own blog to help get the word out. Free means of publicizing the store and a great way to let his new customer know just what to expect when he opens the doors.

Vinyl is here to stay folks, as suprising to some as that may be, and many bands have gone back to releasing on records. So, along with records, Cds and all sorts of music paraphanelia will be for sale in the store that takes over the space on South Third that The Feathered Nest once made their home up until a couple of months ago.

When I wrote briefly about this new store as the posters went up and the interest and foment on the street began to gather, I said that I had heard the words "indie tunes, new and newer bands and some mainstream". Oh, but it is soooo much better than that! The operative words in the Tyrannosauraus music vocab are INDEPENDENT and LOCAL.

"There are no genre-based constraints to the music we will sell! We are already working with bands/artists that are into reggae/dub, straight-ahead rock, blues, singer-songwriter, pop-rock, ambient, punk, prog-/art-rock, indie-rap, rockabilly, folk… And the list grows more by the week! Our one requirement is that all music we sell be made independently." FAQs about TRx

Check out the TRx Blog, keep your eyes peeled and soon you will be hearing tunes in the DTR!

Tyrannosaurus Records 914 S. Third St.

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Tyrannosaurus Records said...

Sweet! Thank you for helping keep the idea in everyone's head!! Great post, as always!

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