Thursday, June 11, 2009

Smoke and Flames in Downtown Renton

BoldThe second floor of the building that houses the Comic Den, A-1 Vac & Locks (looks like this was hit pretty bad and a mere shell of the building remains) and is a neighbor to St. Charles Antiques (current state unknown)and then Common Ground Cupcakes and Coffee (completely black inside, owner Hang and Lang will have to close for awhile to repair - damn!) caught fire this evening a bit before eight o'clock. This is a 3 Alarm Fire, folks. No - upgrade that - 5 Alarm Fire!

Our firefighters from Renton were joined by Kent, Tukwila, and Skyway firehouses (thanks to you for helping with our dear old downtown, fellas). I counted 5 large fire engines (apparently over 100 firemen) at the scene tonight, not counting Medic Vans and police cars. The turnout was immediate and impressive. Later, as I was writing this and downloading pictures - I heard a huge cry of happiness and clapping from the South Third Street vicinity. We really do appreciate you - you guys!

This is the back of the affected building - there is a small piazzalike parking area, and it was awash in smoke.

Our mayor, Dennis Law was immediately on the scene. I think that big walkie-talkie he is carrying comes with the job. He headed right into the smoke to consult with the firefighter crew.

Already on the scene was a professional photographer and soon after I saw the news helicopter cruising our Renton skies. You can be sure to find this event on the evening news.

Marcie Palmer was over at the South Renton Neighborhood Picnic at Burnett Linear Park this evening, when all of a sudden the firefighters who traditionally come and join the summer eat and greet event left in a hurry. Marcie says they had a good turnout until the fire put a kibosh on things. (That's Jay Hand from the Ancient Arts Tattoo right behind her).

"Try not to breathe this smoke, folks,it's not very good for you". This kind firefighter reminded all of us longneckers at the fire scene that the dark, heavy smoke pouring from the vintage building is probably full of things our lungs would rather not have first hand knowledge about.
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Sarahee7 said...

this is so sad, I just visited these places for the first time last weekend

Maikeer said...

So sorry to see this. Thanks for the outstanding reporting.

Day said...

Very sad! I sure hope that the businesses can get back on their feet quickly. Thanks again for all your Renton updates!

Grace said...

I was the dispatcher for this fire yesterday. Your pictures and coverage are the best so far that I've found. Thanks so much -- I very rarely get to see the actual images from the scenes I work!

Lady P said...

Grace - I really thank you for that comment. It means a lot to me - and thank you for all of the work you do for the denizens of Renton.

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