Thursday, June 11, 2009

Museum night out

Trying to put the "fun" in fundraising is not as easy as it once was. Wallets are a bit stretched and there are many different good causes pulling at our sense of duty and limited resources. The New York Times recently ran an article (here) stating that charitable giving is at an all time low - the worst in 50 years. It makes me sad just to contemplate the implications.

But in our fair city, the Renton Historical Museum has an amazing support system - and they turned out in good number last night for a lovely evening of food and fun.

Larry Sleeth and Don Persson catered a lovely meal (don't know how those guys do it!), a local trio called "The Tuesdays" played some tunes and long tables were full of goodies for the Silent Auction. The Renton Youth Council, comprised of kids from many local schools, helped set up and serve, as well as clean. Now that they are broken in, I figure they are welcome to come back and help any old time.

Councilman King Parker, Chief Daniels of the Fire Department and Renton Mayor Dennis Law and his wife were just some of the esteemed guests that turned out in support of our local gem of a museum. There were many others - please forgive me - I am still figuring out the "Who's Who of Renton", and can't be responsible to recognize everyone just yet.

My favorite little item of the night were the centerpieces that were for sale that evening. Created from lovely and delicate tea cups and saucers donated by Susie Bressan and planted with flowers by Robyn Bachas (both museum board members), I thought these lovelies so cute and crafty. I went home with a pair somehow, and I couldn't have been happier!!

Please note - anytime is a good time to visit our local Renton Historical Museum. Don't be shy - acquaint yourself with a bit of local history. It will be both harmless and fun.
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