Friday, June 12, 2009

Day after the fire in Renton

This is the view that our downtown Renton peeps are privy to the day after our 5 Alarm Fire in our little burg. Firefighters still on the scene, though the fire was put out successfully last night with the help of over 100 firemen from Renton, Skyway, Kent and Tukwila plus the off duty members that were pulled into duty. They are assessing the damage - and the very little that is left of the building that once housed the Comic Den, A-1 Vacs & Locks and a handful of residents in apartments who once lived there. No one was hurt, mercifully, but the loss is great otherwise.

This is Jennifer Davis Hayes of the City of Renton checking in with the Fire Dept. and getting a handle on what she can do to help - which with Jennifer, is always a lot.

Luckily, you could still get a cup of coffee and come down and look what happened. Coffee is from Liberty Cafe and these locals are from left to right: Phyl Carroll, Ron Hughes, Sue Hughes, Bill Collins and Sarah Iles of the Renton Historical Museum. If you were a steady coffee client at the Common Ground Coffee & Cupcakes, you will be sad to know that their cafe was affected by the smoke and has some damage, so they are temporarily closed. But don't worry - they will be back.

This is Braden - and his great Grandfather, Mr. Anderson, was the owner of the now destroyed building. He is with his Grandmother Delancey, looking at the remains of his family's property and the loss of another piece of downtown Renton history.

This is the back of the building where two fire engines still remain and the firefighters are actively investigating the interior of the building.

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RentonKidSpot said...

Thanks for your thorough coverage of this sad event. So glad no one was physically hurt! Do we know anything more about the renters who were in the apartments? Is there anything that they need? Also, I would like to link your posts to my blog but wanted to get permission first and I couldn't figure out how to contact you directly so I'm posting it here. Thanks!

Lady P said...

Yes, RentonKidSpot, I would be happy to have you provide links to my blog - and thank you for asking!! I will be doing a post shortly about what other things, besides money donations for the rebuild/relocate funds for The Comic Den and A-1 Vacuums &Locks that has already been set in motion. I will try to keep you posted!

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