Friday, June 26, 2009

Renton's Offleash Dog Park needs you!

Ready to RUFF it up this weekend? The supplies have arrived and the gig is on for the breaking of ground/setting of posts this Saturday and Sunday for Renton's Offleash Dog Park. Exciting to be getting this park started, and so soon after the fundraisers that were successfully held at Vino's at the Landing, and the Dog and Pony Grill and Alehouse.

Volunteers are needed to help fill the rooster of helpers for this weekend's work detail. You needn't have any experience, don't need to even own a pet (though leave yours at home - this is not time for play) - so if you are at all inclined, please follow the link provided here, and join in the fun. Beverages and snacks will be provided and they have a list of what you should bring at the link above.

Thanks to Debbie Englund and Kevin Poole for all they have done to make this happen, and of course, the City of Renton.

Directions? Visit the RUFF website here for that and more!
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