Friday, June 26, 2009

How Cupcakes and Fire Mix

Cuteness over cupcakes continues. I am a girl and therefore, I cannot help myself. The lovely Miss Rachel and Miss Crystal, cupcake mavens of the Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes, were seen delivering 2 dozen assorted frosted yummies to the Renton Fire and Emergency Dept. yesterday afternoon, and we got to take a peek.

I saw Lange, the owner of Common Ground, at the meeting which was held at the Eagles on Wednesday night by the Fire Dept. to discuss the fire that had struck on Wells Ave nearly two weeks ago. He must have overheard them say how good ( so true!) his cupcakes at the shop looked. The firemen must have wondered if their cupcakes prayers would be answered.

I am certain that the guys workout more than the average Rentonite, so it is safe to give them all of those tasty, frosted treats. In my house, I nor the cupcakes would be safe. And that is all that I feel free to divulge at this moment.
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Feathered Nest said...

That was so nice of Common Ground to send cupcakes to the firemen. I know they appreciate it. I walked past CK Nails the other day and couldn't believe it! Poor Chi really took a hit! I had no idea she had so much damage.

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