Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh, pleasant progress

The lovely Louisa Building on Wells Ave. S., once the home of our city hall, is just a gorgeous building to behold. Her lovely mint green tiles and unusual shape have often made me want become a building owner. She is a grand dame of structures that deserves a little face lift. Ahhh, so nice that she is getting one.

A couple of months ago the building was purchased by David Smith, and at present, he is having the bricks repointed and new windows put in. That is why you see the great lady without her lovey green makeup on these days. But have no fear, she will be made up to look pretty for us very soon.

This is the type of progress that I love to report here in our beautiful historic downtown Renton.
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Anonymous said...

It's great to see some the orignial brick and the historic charachter restored.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad to see someone else enjoyed the minty green glass tiles as much as I did--people have been making fun of me for liking the old color scheme! It is great to see the new owner restoring the building to its original glory... Go historic preservationists!

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