Monday, June 29, 2009

Fire Sale - a one man band

The Comic Den seems to be thriving in their new locale, the Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes are back to business and the Renton Laptop is open for trade. But some people are still struggling with the fire. Here is John, previous tenant in the now burnt Harries Building. For the last 2 days he has been having his own personal fire sale. There is something new out all the time as he sorts through his personal effects and tried to make a little money and clear out what he can no longer afford to keep.

While I was there, a kind lady was buying the plant that you see above. John had stepped away for a minute to work, and she was arranging to leave him a check for the bookshelves and planter that she was taking home.

Renton is full of warmhearted, well meaning people. I see it all the time. I have heard so many stories of how people were trying to donate to those tenants that lost there home at the fire on Wells 2 weeks ago.

If you are in the neighborhood, and feel like helping out - come by and make a purchase from John. I am certain he would appreciate it.
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