Sunday, June 28, 2009

At the local cafe

The local cafe is the place to see a slice of Renton life and indulge in cafe and conversation. Let a little of the world drift by, or in this case, come to you. Emily Duffy, fellow blogger and artist extraordinaire, was here in Renton after coming up to participate in the Fremont Fair last weekend. Fellow cafe comer, David, brought her by the local hang. More the luck for us - nice to meet ya there, Emily!

Bill Provin doesn't always say that he likes dogs - but dogs are always very fond of Bill. Here's Bill and Ginger on the cafe bench.

Ginger loves yarn, loves knitting, is a great craft lap dog. Here she is with her mommy, Shannon, happily guarding the safety of the knitting.

No, that is not a boy eating a canary - it is Perry Davis just moments after having his loose tooth finally yanked free by his Dad (mouth then stuffed with Mom's tissue to avoid any spillage of body fluids) . Proud moment of passage - ahhh, no front tooth to get in your tongue's way. We all remember what that feel like, right?

Liberty Cafe /top of South Third Street
THE place to be
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EmilyD said...

Hi Patricia,

It was a pleasure to meet you and the other folks hanging out at the Liberty Cafe. I felt most welcomed by you all. David also took me to the Farmer's Market the day before and I have to say, it was one of the best I've ever been to. Being a cherry/berry lover it was pure heaven to be able to purchase organic cherries for under the $6.99 per pound they cost down here in California.

I love your blog, you're doing a fine service for your town and you're a heck of a writer missy!

-Emily Duffy
San Francisco Bay Area

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