Monday, June 29, 2009

Tapestry Saloon - stroll on in

Beer has sadly been missing from the blog for awhile here, so it was time that I ambled over to the Tapestry Saloon on S. Third Street to see what, as of late, I had been missing.

I immediately saw on old friend, besides the ever charming bartender Josh Bauer , and that was the Snoqualmie Brewery's Summer Beer. This is just such a delicious drink for the summer that I just bypassed my all time IPA favorites and started right in. Good to the last drop - no disappointment there! Josh also had a sign that he was making Blue Cheese Martinis. That sounds like a meal in itself. I think I will stick with my beer, please.

I hadn't had the pleasure of eating at the saloon for awhile as well , so I splurged. You can look at the appetizers or of course order anything off of the adjoining Cafe Lure's menu. Calico Cheesecake can be had for desert. I bypassed something small, and ordered dinner. The Prawn Tempura took my fancy and it was amazing. Remember, they also serve a mean french fry here and some other great food. This is a "must try" food stop.

Beers on Tap: Alpine Pilsner Elysian Avatar Lazy Boy Amber Snoqualmie Summer Beer Lagunitas IPA Fishtail Mudshark Porter

Tapestry Saloon
(425) 572 - 5931 Corner of Main/ S. Third Street
Tues - Sat 3pm - Closing
Sundays 9 - 3pm
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Caroline said...

My man and I drove by this place on Friday and decided to pop by sometime looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Look at how cute Josh is. Worth stopping in just to see him.

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