Friday, June 12, 2009

A-1 after the Fire - Renton, you can help

A-1 Vacuums and Locks was hit hard last night by the 5 Alarm Fire - very hard. Owner Tom Swanson has no place to go and has a business that he needs to keep going. Renton, I know that you can help.

First off - Tom needs a place to make keys and keep himself financially afloat. The building that he rented in was old - 100 years old. He didn't have insurance - because they just don't give insurance out within the reasonable price range for a building that is so old that it doesn't even have a fire sprinkler system and got "grandfathered" in by the city because of it's "vintageness". So, if you have a little space that Tom could have right downtown to work out of so that he can have a way to keep his livelihood - please contact him and let him know (the number is right up there in the photo, folks)

Secondly - if you would like to help by donating to the good cause of helping Tom, who lost his whole business in the fire folks, you can go to any US Bank and make a donation for the account of A-1 Locksmith & Vacuum. Remember - anything will help, and a lot of little bits help to make a big "something".

Here is Tom Swanson himself - the city and it's members have been johnny-on-the-spot to help all the businesses that were effected by the fire. (This is where I insert a shout out to Jennifer Davis Hayes who gave me the info about Tom and his crisis). So have so many member of our community - we live in a great place, folks - just in case you are new to figuring that one out.
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