Friday, June 12, 2009

The Comic Den - the aftermath of the Renton Fire is not very funny

One of the other biggest losses that occurred from the 5 Alarm Fire that struck downtown Renton last night was at The Comic Den - a venerable purveyor of graphic novels and comics for nearly 20 years. I think it goes without saying that a fire and then tons of water being sprayed to put said fire out are not the friend to anything made of paper. I have yet to hear, but I think most of the inventory must be permanently damaged.

I have been informed this afternoon that there is an account for The Comic Den also if you would like to make donations to help. Remember, this was a very old building and insurance would have been prohibitive and unaffordable, so Howard the owner unfortunately, was uninsured. You can make donations at The Bank Of America for The Comic Den (it is being set up right now) to help Howard rebuild and relocate his business. Please help with whatever you can. If we all give a little, it amounts to more than you would think.

This lot of water ridden comics were pulled from on top of the storm drain just at the corner of Wells and South Third. It must have drifted out of the building when the tide of water from the firemens' hoses washed the flames away.

This was The Comic Den just at the beginning of May when the owner, Howard Wheatly, participated in a National Comic Day and gave away free comics to anyone who came to the store, no purchase necessary. There were a dozen or more issues specially designed for the day, May 1st, and Howard had said that the 300 or so people that had come in that weekend was the best turnout he had had for this event to date.

This was one of my all time favorite windows that graced the front of The Comic Den. I am a bit of a Wolverine fan, so I could hardly help myself. I'm so glad, now, that I got this shot in when I did. It was still up last night before the fire struck.

I found this Joker action toy in the gutter near the scene of the fire. The Joker was always know for his notorious acts of violence in the Batman comic series. You know, The Joker is a self-professed Arsonist - and I blame him for this entire situation. And you can tell him that for me personally.
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Anonymous said...

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Hsinchu, Taiwan

Imaginessence said...

The Comic Den is the best comic shop I have been to around here and the guys there are very cool. I hope they can re-open somewhere soon.


Anonymous said...

A very nice post (not that your other posts re the fire have been anything but great), but a wonderful example of your eye and your caring for those in Renton. The Joker photo and caption is especially well done.

Anonymous said...

I hope all of Howard and Rich's loyal comic buyers and supporters give a little of their hard earned cash to help with a relocate soon.
Every Wednesday at noon we lined up for our new comics-may the line up at Bank of America be as faithful!
Rev. E. J. Worley

Anonymous said...

I am an out-of-towner who recently visited downtown Renton. I was so pleased with the Comic Den and the purveyor being so willing to talk comics with my husband for the better part of an hour!

We are heartbroken at the loss and will be sending whatever donation we can. I married a comic fanatic and I understand that the loss of The Comic Den's magnificent collection is almost like losing a family member! Again, thank God no people were harmed and we are anxiously awaiting a re-opened Comic Den!

~Janette and Nicholas Rathbun, Longview.

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