Friday, June 12, 2009

Renton Fire Aftermath - where do you go when you haven't got a home?

This was the entryway to apartments on the second floor of the building that caught fire last night here in Downtown Renton. The entryway to the home of seven Renton residents, all whom escaped the 5 Alarm Fire without harm, but who now are also without a home.

Roy Beeler, manager of the apartment was there when the he heard the cry for help come from one of the tenants when the fire began. He was there when he opened doors to be met with thick clouds of nasty, cough inducing smoke to try to help people to safety. He is now also there to help relocate these 7 people to an adjacent apartment building that has vacancies (and is owned by the same owner, Mr. Bob Delancey, I believe) and to try to help with the businesses, The Comic Den and A-1 Vacuums & Locks, that lost their livelihoods as well.

People have already begun to inquire as to how they can help - that is the sort of town spirit that I am always proud to report. I have been informed that Red Cross has already met with the tenants and is helping them with their needs. But there are ways that you, Renton, can help:

From the desk of Jennifer Davis Hayes, Community & Economic Development:

There is hope that the two businesses in the building that caught fire can relocate to another storefront on S 3rd St. Neither of these businesses had fire insurance due to the age of the building (cost prohibitive). A business relocation fund has been set up for A-1 at US Bank and they are working on setting one up for Comic Den at Bank of America. Donations can be made to either to help the businesses rebuild their livelihood.

Donations of twin mattresses for the residents and bedding and other household items are being requested. Roy Beeler, building manager, is accepting donations and can be reached at 425-227-5433.

We are fortunate that no one was hurt in the fire and thank the quick action of the Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department and other local departments for their actions.

The Renton Reporter has an excellent video concerning the fire - and you should check it out here. Great job with that, Dean!

Again - this is what make's Renton GREAT - and I couldn't be prouder.

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Feathered Nest said...

The owner of the building that burned and also the other apartment building is Bob Delancey,
He also owns Rubattino's. Andy Johnson is his grandson.

I saw your little niece Piper last night....what a cutie!!!

Lady P said...

Thanks Sue - got it! still a newbie to all of Renton's long history.
And yes, the Pipes is adorable!!(proud Auntie says with a smile)

Paul Balcerak said...

Big thanks for the link. Great coverage of the fire and the fallout on this site.

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