Friday, June 12, 2009

After the Renton fire - CK Nail Salon

The CK Nail Salon which is just around the corner from the building that was the site of our 5 Alarm Fire last night, has suffered some damages and must remained closed until further notice. As you can see from the photo - the ceiling sustained some fire damage and the whole store of course has a heavy smell of smoke. Not conducive to business at all - oh, and add to that the loss of power (which the city is working on as I write this to help reinstate for all of the businesses without it today - yeah Renton !), Chi and her hubby, Kevin, have to go stay closed for the moment. Good news is, when asked - Chi did say they had insurance (note: this is not the same building where the fire occurred, though the buildings did have a common basement it seems).

The great thing is that again, Renton cares. I overheard the first client that came by to check on her appointment and the state of affairs at the Nail Salon, the owner of the Cedar River Day Spa on N. First Street, ask Chi if she needed her and her mother to come by on Sunday and lend a hand in cleaning. Breaks my heart just a little every time I write about these private and caring moments that tragedy in our city brings out in people.

Here is Chi and her daughter on the sidewalk outside her establishment. You can just read her face to see how she feels today.

CK Nails & Spa 900 S. Third St. (425)282-6453

Call to check on when Chi can make an appointment - support our local businesses in their time of need!
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Paul Balcerak said...

Great coverage on the fire and aftermath. If you're at all interested, our staff shot some video earlier today (coverage of the fire and reaction).

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