Friday, June 12, 2009

After the Fire - what's so great about Renton

Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes has some smoke damage and loss of power after the 5 Alarm Fire that struck the neighboring building last night. And, they also have an order for a bunch of cupcakes for a Renton neighbor who is about to get married. That's right - Wedding Cupcakes.

The woman who placed the order lives right downtown - she heard the news of the fire and saw the damage. But Crystal (employee, cupcake baker) and Hang (owner) called her today and said that they wanted to make sure that her wedding went off without a hitch - and with her order of cupcakes.

This is were the story gets good and our town is, well, Great. The Law Offices of Green & Rousso (corner of Wells and South Third Street) agreed to give Common Ground a space in their offices to decorate the cupcakes today.

This is Crystal, with ingredients in hand as she goes off the make and bake the wedding cupcakes. She told me that she put on her favorite cupcake earrings today to lift her spirits for visiting the store after the fire.

Joe Kennedy, owner of Calico Cheesecake

More great neighborliness is exhibited by Calico Cheesecake, just up the street at the corner of Main Street and South Third, who are letting Common Ground bake the cupcakes in their ovens today. How cool is that!!??

I can never get over how wonderful it is to live in a town where people care. I have lived the anonymous life in great cities here and abroad - and it's kinda nice when you live somewhere that your face doesn't go unnoticed, nor do your troubles.

In this article here, by fellow blogger Randy Corman, it seems that we can hope to see the cupcake shop back soon. Ahhh - what a relief. This is exactly what hard times calls for - a little sweet relief, like only a cupcake or slice of cheesecake can provide. So get take your sweet tooth in hand and help out by snacking in your zipcode and showing that you care.

Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes
900 S. Third St. Unit A Renton WA (425) 235-1717

Calico Cheesecake Co.
919 S. Third St. Renton,WA (206) 851-2571


Day said...

Yay! This blog post just made my day! There are some wonderful folks in Renton!

RentonKidSpot said...

Thanks for your local coverage of our great town! I drove by the fire site today and saw Hang and Crystal rolling a cupcake cart over to the law office and thought, "Gee, that's nice- the law office must've let them store some stuff over there while they clean up. Little did I know that the law office was actually letting them work in there to make the wedding cupcakes! That's really cool. And ever cooler is that the cheescake place is letting them use their ovens. I agree, we live in a great town, and I REALLY appreciate your blog, which aims to show how great we are.

Pink Tulip said...

Great teamwork! Love the post.

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