Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pancakes and potting soil

Every one has a holy grail - for some it is the best set of car rims, maybe a first edition comic book unearthed at a garage sale, or in our family's case - a good sale and a "free" something or other. I am certain you know just how I spent my Saturday morning....
The lines were long but moved apace - and there is always someone to talk to at McLendon's.
I overheard that they were prepared to serve 1,600 deserving customers with a pair of link sausage, two flapjacks, a cup of orange juice and some hot coffee. Impressive.
Three long, hot griddles going constantly, churning out some mighty tasty pancakes, complete with butter and maple syrup - your plate was fresh and piping hot when it was handed to you.
Long tables, decorated with flowers and a white paper table cloth awaited you. Standing room only. No one cared - they just happily munched.
This is McLendon's biggest sale of the year - the full parking lot attested to that. Hanging Baskets of Fuchsias for $17.99, and tons of other garden goodies. We stocked up. Hey - and the Puget Energy "Spin the Wheel" offered prizes, and with one spin, Mom landed a $20 coupon to McLendon's! It was promptly spent.

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Anonymous said...

Our wheel spinning was in vain. I got a coupon for discounted pond algae remover. Unfortunately, we don't have a water feature in our yard. My wife got discounted grass seed. We seeded two weeks ago. :(

We took the coupons and put them on the shelves next to the items they were for. Maybe someone else benefited.

From the PSE wheel we got a pen, magnet and a little notepad. Oh, well.

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