Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bowling Buddies

Skyway Park Bowl and Casino is still a great place to go bowling. Major upgrade and reconstruction was completed a little over a year ago, and the place looks good. The lanes are still a good place to come and meet with friends, and I highly recommend joining a league. Unlimited free bowling comes with that territory, and it is one helluva way to get your exercise and have a sense of community.

Skyway Park Bowl also has some gambling available for you - pool tables, casino. Sit down asian cuisine restaurant and also a fast food version of the same were added in the upgrade. I thought it was pretty tasty. There is a banquet facility and birthday packages for kids or adults. I just attended a league bowling banquet and was pleasantly surprised at the roast beef with gravy and mashed potatoes that we were served - seconds, please!

My mother bowls in Skyway during the day without any qualms - but would not venture up that way later on in the day. Skyway has had some problems. But don't discount it just for that reason - Open Bowling Thursday through Sunday is just $3.49 plus tax before 5 pm. Shoe rental is $3.75. Best Value is renting a lane for 2 hours for $36 anytime before 10:30 pm. If you are feeling bold, Tuesday night is 2 for 1 Night from 9pm til 1am and all food and drinks are 50% off if you are bowling - this could be the start of something for you and your mates.

Happier Update - word amongst the bowling crowd is that West Seattle Bowl, who did a really lovely job upgrading their facility, has purchased the Hillcrest Bowl up on Sunset in the Renton Highlands. Hillcrest Bowl closed a couple of months ago, not the first time in their history to do so, but the leagues all had to move to other lanes to continue their bowling.Whew! I did not want to lose yet another bowling alley - they just never get rebuilt these days. So, with Hillcrest Bowl in the capable hands of West Seattle Bowl - we should have a really fine set of lanes to look forward to.

Skyway Park Bowl and Casino 11819 Renton Ave. S. (206) 772 - 1220
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