Sunday, May 3, 2009

Freaky, fierce Saturday winds

There was some crazy rain and wind storm action in the downtown Renton area come Saturday afternoon. The petals and branches from trees swirled, dipped and dived under the force of the malevolent wind. It broke off some large branches of a couple of the trees on our main South Third Street drag with apparent ease.
Kaboom! And down it went, without anyone or thing being hurt. But other Rentonites in different zip codes apparently were not hit in the same way at all. More's the luck for them!

Good thing Toto sized dogs were safely out of harms way. They surely would have been lifted and carried off to the wilds of Kansas if not for the foresight of their loving humans.
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Ryven Astrology said...

Glad to be of service. This is our anniversary weekend, so it's been a little tricky to get the updates going.

Looks like you all had quite the storm! You didn't have any propertty damage, I hope?

Anonymous said...

Must have been a micro burst or two many monkeys swinging in the tree.
It's really fortunate that there weren't any aircraft flying overhead; that would have made for a really bad landing.

Anonymous said...

It really is too bad there wasn't, oh I don't know, YARN!!! holding the tree together.

Lady P said...

I LOVE that comment!

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