Sunday, April 5, 2009

Renton in the Sun

Things were definitely happenin' at Liberty Park today - the place was hoppin'. Families picnicking, ball games in play, bikes being pedaled. There wasn't a quiet corner to be found. It was as if the lights had been switched on in a room too long abandoned - you could see everywhere clearly. Smiling faces and bared arms and shoulders - all willingly soaking up the sun.


Ryven Astrology said...

Sorry you've been having trouble commenting. I really appreciate the encouragement and hope my return to you in information and entertainment is worth what you have given me in exhortation. I'm very happy with tonight's show - a primer on the signs and Zodiacs! Yes, zodiacs. Plural. You'll see. :) Congrats on getting 'picked up' as it were by the local newspaper. ;) Indy media representin'! LOL

Ryven Astrology said...

Well, you can't get it because I run my mouth too much. I'm having trouble getting it uploaded correctly. I'm on attempt number 3. Grr..

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