Monday, April 6, 2009

Things I like about Renton...

Do you know your mail carrier by name? That is one of the perks in living in a downtown area like North Renton with it's small town feel. This is Barbara. She is wonderful, full stop. She remembers all of those that are lucky enough to be on her route. Barbara can indeed be seen working hard rain or shine. Since there has been a lot of the former, it took us awhile to find a day when she could get a photo in without her rain hat. Thanks, Barbara for 2 decades plus of dedication. We still all need the "snail" mail, whatever may be happening in the realms of computerland.

Jimmy and Jen thought long and hard before they dared paint their front door this boisterous shade of purple. But why they worried so much, I will never know - they have such flair. The pots always have colorful plants, the flowers out front fresh and colorful - it is a treat to see every week as Spring becomes more sprung.
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Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Barbara!

We've been fortunate to be invited to her home and spend some time with her - she's as kind, and has an awesome sense of humor. She and her beau are on opposite sides of the political fence as us, and yet they both laugh at silliness of it all.

We're really fortunate to have her!

matt topping said...

barbara is our mail lady too! we moved from williams to wells which i'm sure was confusing as heck to the post office people who wondered probably why we moved such a short distance but they were totally on the ball and barbara in particular was really helpful with advice on how to get our address changed and everything. thanks for such a great blog about renton. i love reading your posts on my google reader rss feed!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! That's my neighbors front door, and I agree. :)

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