Monday, April 27, 2009

Please Sir, may I have a bit of awning, please?

There they are - three lovely examples of awnings on the top block of South Third Street, our main thoroughfare in the DTR (Downtown Renton, that is...). Aren't they a helpful? They let us know the name of the establishment when we glimpse them through our car windows. They stop the rain from all but drenching us at the door when we ready our umbrellas to make a mad dash for the safety of another dry spot.
Mike of Liberty Cafe would love to have one of those - what do you call them? Awnings, yeah that's it. Could you please consider letting him have one of his very own, like his neighbors have? It would be so nice of you, City of Renton.

If you did let one of those handy dandy sunshades be installed, then we could all do a happy dance - like Frostie here does - when he hears good ole Ray Charles sing some good old fashioned tunes...


Anonymous said...

Cute stories, as always :-)

I personally like awnings, as long as they are well maintained. The prettiest shopping districts in the world seem to have them.

I'll bring this topic up at council tonight.

Anonymous said...

And Mike is so super cute, he cannot be denied! Give the man an awning.

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