Monday, April 27, 2009

Wags 'n Wines tonight my firends!

I have been meaning to finish this posting about Vino's at The Landing for sometime, and I have been computer challenged as of late, so unfortunately, been remiss. If you have been like me, missing your initial chance to check out this new hang in town - a place that is completely local, completely Renton homegrown - with great lunch specials that are easy on the wallet and tasty for the palate and Happy Hour with appetizers that are a couple of bucks cheaper and a wine list that is notably good - now is your time to kiss and make up.

Vino's is the site for tonight's fundraiser for the Renton Off-Leash Dog Park. It begins at 6 pm and runs until 9, tickets will be $35 bucks at the door and there will be a silent auction with some fab gifts, which is slotted for 8:30 pm. More information can be had at or visit What a great boon this park will be for both furry and other Rentonites. We will all benefit to break ground on this new project.

Right there at the Cedar River Trail
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