Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Computer World is all turned 'round!

This is me, taking a photo of the computer terminal at the library. My new blogging refuge since a nasty little malware bit into my registry and took my little lovely laptop baby offline! Thank goodness for my other technology - I am taking photos with my Blackberry phone, and then emailing them to my Blogger account while at the library. I then, within the mere half hour I am given - try to write quickly and semi-coherently to all of you.

SOOOOoooooo - if you aren't getting the tasty photos from me that you are accustomed to or the earlier blog posting that I try to get going for those of you following me online while at work - please bear with me. I hope to be up and going soon. I really miss my laptop - I have also come to realize just how often I DO use it. Some personal scheduling and boundaries around laptop accessing may have to come in play here, upon reflection. I just have to look in the direction of my laptop, and I am sucked into the virtual vortex!

Most of all - I miss the photo taking and the liberal creative license it gives me on a day to day basis. That is what I can hardly wait to return to - for this blog has allowed me to take all the photos my little heart desires and give them exposure, purpose and reason for being.

So please, hang in there with me - I will be back in full form soon.

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Anonymous said...

Just breathe Lady P, just breathe.

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