Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cedar River Heron Sighting!

Yesterday, while at the library (blogging, ahem! - read below as to why) I leaned over the handrail and saw the majesty of what is known as the Great Blue Heron, just upriver from the library. I love to see them so close - so if you aren't able to head over to the riparian forest that I blogged about last week, you just need to keep your eyes peeled when in the vicinity of the Cedar River, especially up near the library looking to the East. The building at the side of the photo is where the Renton Reporter lives - maybe Dean can just look out his window and take a good photo for all of us. You would have to be very clever to see the bird in this shot- but in fact he/she is there - on the far righthand side bank.

These are birds that deserve said excitement and reverence - if you have seen them, then you know of what I speak. If not - what a treat for you to experience the wonders of what living in the realms of Renton is truly all about.

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Anonymous said...

Your pictres are still pretty!!!

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