Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The city freezes and the blog block melts

Snow - again? Three times may indeed be the charm, as this is the third time this day that the flakes have fallen and this time they may even stick. I did not get what I needed this Winter where snow was concerned. I like the blanketing of white, the crunch under foot and the chilly breath that comes with snow.

The views of North Renton as I sloshed home tonight were dipped in pearly white and slightly mushy around the edges. My camera somehow made the cut into the new handbag and voila! instant Kodak moment.

A snow blizzard feel as I made tracks in the unmarked lanes about town.The blue light here stands out in a wonderfully weird way.

The houses wrapped in snowflake batter were what drew my eye.

While the city became drowsy with cold, a hearty group of bloggers met to discuss the plans for a new blog in the offing. One that brings a confluence of assets and efforts and helps lapsed writers reenter the land of the web and Renton news.

So stay tuned and I will help spread the word. There is a new voice in town ( well, a few voices pulling together under one gleaming banner head) and we mean to make a difference.

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Barbara said...

I for one, am looking forward to this new 'blog' - we miss you Lady P!

Anonymous said...

welcome back! '--ruzielle

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