Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Local Eats and a place to meet - Week One at the Market

Farmer's Market season begins once again - Tuesdays from 3pm til 7, so you still have time to nip in on your way home from work and get some locally grown and made goodies to add to your pantry.

There are some welcome new comers this year - one being Zaw Artisan Pizza, lovingly made right in front of you for you to take home and bake. Just seeing the pizza dough being rolled out by hand made me smile and salivate.

Dancing and music are always available at the Market. Some people just tap their feet - others, get their friends involved. Check out the wonderful website for Renton's Farmers Market to find out who will be playing next and what vendors you might find.

Ahhhh - and the flowers - who doesn't just want to come for a bunch of floral delight to take home. So reasonable, so gorgeous. These bunches were just $4 at 6pm when I cruised on through.

Little Blue Eyes Mini Munny
Under the loving care of Mary Clymer of Happy Delusions fame, there are crafters at the Market this year just across the street from the Piazza. This little munny was loving painted by one of my favorite artists, Alexandria Sandlin, of the big eye art. I love seeing this addition to the market. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, contact Mary through the link provided above.

Farmers Market means family time - here are Jimmy and Katie out scouting the yummy treats with James, who is giving a resounding double high five to this year's market.

Honey, honey - raw, unfiltered, never heated and delicious, is available again this year. Sweet As Can Bee's Honey is local - and what could be better than that. They had flavors that piqued my interest - vanilla or the creamy habanero honey.

Known to many as Farmer Bill, Bill Provin had his shopping bag full of cherries and Trevani Truffles. I will be dropping by later, Bill, to help you with those purchases.

Forest Fairy Bakery delivers the goods and has been a market staple for the last couple of years. Welcome back!

Devon and little Bella scope the scene for likely purchases. I am assuming that if you can hold your dog, you can bring your dog. I think that sounds fair, right?

Another great addition on the craft side of the Market were these good smelling, locally made soaps by Pepo Park. I was given a sample to take home and it has made a new customer out of me. The lather and scent was just up my alley.

What opening day of the market would be complete without Randy Corman, member of the Renton City Council and our favorite men in blue, Jim Gould (center) and Dave Adam (right)? Our town is not so big as to prevent the Market from being a place to catch up with friends and meet people from City Hall. Gotta love it.

Renton Farmers Market
The Piazza/ South Third St. and Burnett
Tuesdays, 3pm - 7pm

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