Friday, June 25, 2010

Art studio

Tucked around the corner from Armondo's there is a window framing an artist at work. Lisa Lamoreaux recently became part of the unique blend of Renton Downtown.

Never content to work on one piece at at time, a view into the artist's studio will find Lisa at various stages of completion on six or seven canvases. The mixed media of sculpting gel, torn pieces of wallpaper or other paper pretties seen hanging from racks, become the layers of labor that go into Lisa's work before seeing her final paint brush touches. The studio had a open house and party two weekends ago, and many of Lisa's favorite clients came out to purchase from her walls full of art.

The past ten years have seen Lisa slowly leaving the corporate world to pursue her art full time. This year will see her in Oregon and Washington fine arts shows, keeping her occasionally on the road with her fine beauties.

There are whimsical colors and themes to be found in Lisa's work. The Chinese lanterns have become something she is well known for and the demand for them still keeps her expanding her vision this theme.

One earlier aspect of the artist's work were these lovely decor lights, made with a collage of colors and prints and trims.

Though Lisa is in her studio to work, do feel free to stroll on by and catch the artist in her element. Maybe peek your head in, if time allows, and see her latest work. Personally, I find it very exciting to have an artist studio in town. Kudos to Armondo for giving the DTR this cool, cultural dimension.

Lisa Lamoreaux Fine Art
910 Houser Way South

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