Thursday, April 15, 2010

When you don't know what to wear

It all began with Liberty Cafe's first year anniversary and a caricature of Mike Moskowitz, one of the cafe owners, drawn by the tat artist, Tor from next door at Ancient Arts Tattoos. This cool piece of artwork that Tor just tossed off one day (his mad art skills just work that way) had been hanging on the bulletin board for some time already when a plan began to be hatched.

Ron Hughes, Liberty Cafe regular, had the idea to have a small run of T-Shirts made bearing Mike's image. Sarah Caldwell at Black Anchor T-Shirts and Printing, whom The Picaroon introduced ya'll to here, did the honors and a small posse of caffeine induced Rentonites descended on the cafe en mass March 13th to surprise Mr. Mike.

Mike was surprised. Now a couple dozen of his happiest cup o' joe regulars can be seen around town with a small copy of him emblazoned on their chests. Mike is, as we speak, making plans to insure that Ron Hughes' birthday is just as memorable.

Bill Provin, lovingly referred to as "Farmer Bill" by some, sporting the T.

Sue Rider in her pink version, of course.

Sue Hughes wears her caffeine colors proudly.

Don't mess with Mary Clymer, she is a total Team Mike supporter.

The T-Shirts are available by order at Liberty Cafe for a reasonable $15. Sarah of Black Anchor Printing is very preganant, so be patient with the time frame. These are like a special DTR phenomenom, which is what makes it all the cooler to request one.

Liberty Cafe
926 S. Third Street
(425) 235 - 1400

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trizanh said...

I would like to request a black one. Thanks!

Anh Tran,
Liberty Cafe regular

Lady P said...

Ahn, I am certain that Mike would be more than happy to take that T-Shirt order for you - so just order one the next time you are in Liberty for coffee

Trickii said...

Must. Have. One. O_O

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