Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The next best thing to a car

Biking season is upon us once again. On those Spring days where the sun is shining and the breeze not so brisk as to blow you over, it's time to think of training for the days when the weather bodes well and the clothing becomes shorter.

Ron and Maggie will be embarking on some wheeled adventures, maybe even blogging about them. Recommendation for you lovely folks? Get those cup holders for your bikes that GHY Bikeshop sells. Coffee and biking never looked so good.

Speaking of bikeshops, on S. Third Street is the great GHY Bikes with a really lovely supply of Electra Bikes, like the Townie line. Test driving one of these babies is way fun. This is the bike that my friend took for a spin last year, and it went home with her. FUN.

AJ, the owner of GHY Bikes, will put you in the driver's seat of something good. Or fix up the one you have sitting around at home, so you can start hitting the Cedar River Trail - or own little workout haunt. Read the bikeshop's blog and get some inspiration.

Personally, I love to ride with a book and a skein of yarn or two, waiting for the perfect patch of green, inviting grass to appear and plop! down I go.

Bikes like these Townies also make a statement - and look great in any decor or setting. My friend uses her bike in a variety of ways.

What plans do you have for your bike this season?

GHY Bikes
909 S. Third Street, Renton WA

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