Sunday, April 11, 2010

To the beat of the drum

Speaker Events at the Renton History Museum are anything but dull. Take Lora Chiorah and her Rhythms of Zimbabwe free performance yesterday morning right here in the 98057. It was not long before the whole audience was on their feet and chanting out songs, playing games and laughing.

While Lora beats out the measures on the drum, her students dance for rain (yeah, someplaces need that dance), or just dance to dance. While many dances have a meaning, movement for movement's sake is just as pervasive.

The youngest troupe member was Lora Chiorah's granddaughter, and while still practicing her moves, she comes along to events because she loves to be there. Dance and drums can do that to you.

Lora Chiorah

Northwest Tap Connection and Spectrum Dance, located just north of our burg, offer classes in African Dance for those inspired. I was. Lora claimed to be 60 and I think that drumming and dancing must be the elixir of youth. Check out Lora's link here.

I am always surprised that more people don't take advantage of these awesome free moments of entertainment in the DTR. Really - try just one, and you will be hooked.

Renton History Museum
235 Mill Ave. South
Renton, WA 98057

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