Friday, April 9, 2010

Putting a face to Renton ART

Gretchen Mertes
Renton is artistic - make no mistake. Our burg has a talented population, and last night at the IKEA Performing Arts Center, I saw a few of the faces that comprise that collage of local talent we should be supporting.

Gretchen Mertes is a pastor at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church and very involved in the Luther's Table that will be coming soon in the ground floor of the VA building under construction across from Renton High School. Seems so fitting to have this place where you can get food and find something to nourish the soul on the former site of a Lutheran Church. Lending her hand to organizing the talent on stage last night at the Open House, Gretchen also has a great voice and mean hand at the guitar. She rocks.

or painter, Helga Jacques contact 425.226.4383

Helga Jacques, Renton resident and water color painter, was on the stage painting and selling artwork while dancers were flinging about and music was being made.
Watercolor painting by Louis Anderson contact 206.772.2317

The paintings of Louis Anderson made me stop more than once to ponder (and covet). Local resident since 1952, Louis remembers having an artist studio on Wells Ave back in the 60's that he rented for $50 a month and religiously visited to paint in every evening after work. Louis wonders why the empty store fronts in Renton don't have artist galleries in place until a permanent tenant is found. Yeah - why not, Renton!?

Spotlight Dance Center represent! Renton is lucky to have a place right in our downtown where the desire to explore movement and dance is encouraged and flourishes.
Show Brazil! founder and performer, Eduardo Mendonca, played the guitar and sang, reminding us that Renton is an incredible cornucopia of languages and sounds. He has played for world leaders and in other countries, and he lives right here in our little town. Who knew.

Wanna get involved or ask some questions? For more information, call 425.430.6589 or email

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