Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poker runs in Renton

Poker runners ran throughout the downtown of Renton this past Saturday for the annual Spring Festival and Poker Run. Dave of Cedar Chest Antiques on S.Third St. was dealing out the cards from his deck in style. Like a man who dresses for the occasion.

Dacia Hanson of The Old Renton Book Exchange on Wells Ave.S. might be the newest arrival to the DTR, but her store had the best poker paraphernalia and hats in town. If you have not made your way into this wonderful haven of books, make it a priority soon. Dacia has the best book exchange policy to be found and the stacks are growing by the day, making it a much fre

Cedar Chest Antiques
916 South Third Street
(425) 271 - 0511

Old Renton Book Exchange
227 Wells Ave. South

425.430.BOOK / 425.430.2665

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Kellye said...

Thank you for the Poker Run Participants photos and nice words!

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