Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars, anyone?

A day at the movies is getting more expensive with each new release, so make sure that you choose wisely when you indulge. With the Academy Awards being announced last night, take the time to visit The Landing's Regal Cinema and see a winner or two.

I wish that the word "matinee" meant cheaper fun they way it used to. Now it just gives you a mere buck off the standard ticket price and a nearly empty theater to enjoy the film. I would go so much more often if the price was easier on the pocketbook and I am certain the theater would make just as much money and have more butts in those new, pretty seats. The Regal is a nice place to see a flick.

I went the other day for an early "cheap" showing of Crazy Heart, with Jeff Bridges, the winner of this year's Oscar for Best Actor and fell in love with the film. The soundtrack also won for Best Original Song and is the work of the ever talented T Bone Burnett, who does more producing than music these days, but is sooo good when he does.

Also showing is the Academy Award winning film for Visual Effects - Avatar, which you can see in 3-D for a little more pricey ticket of 13 bucks.

The new release of Tim Burton's latest work, Alice in Wonderland also just started to show. Ahhh, so many choices and such a slim wallet.

Regal Cinemas
900 N 10th Pl
Renton, WA 98057-5540
(425) 204-9929
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Paul Balcerak said...

Too bad The Roxy shut down. That place was legit for cheap movies back in the day.

Lady P said...

Could not agree with you more - I guess I must confess to a long harbored dream where I buy that theater back again and return it to it's former glory. Ahhhh, I have such good memories of old movie theaters....
(ps great link, as usual)

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