Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The color of Spring and a '48 Chevy

The color and hue of Spring in a '48 Chevy - that is what turned my head today and put a smile on my face. This baby has been in the hands of owner, Lou Gulman, for nearly a year and she is looking oh so purple and oh so good.

This '48 Chevy Fleetline Arrow was the same model that Lou drove back in his younger days. He rescued it for a 4 year stint where the old chevy was deteriorating fast and put a lot of elbow grease and time into this beauty to have her sparkling and cruisin' the streets of Downtown Renton.

Love is in the details. Just look at the purple dice on the tire rims and the top of the door locks. The hood of the car has a subtle array of flames that you can only admire from close up. Lovin' it.

Lou Gulman is not a trophy queen - he drives his beautiful purple car whenever he can, even making long road trips over the mountain pass to see family. But the seats aren't as comfy as he would like, so that will be one of the next improvements he makes on his baby (heads up to you Kenny's Upholstery). Not unlike The Picaroon's friend Ron Hughes, seen here and here, Lou believes that vintage is best - and not meant to be left at home under a tarp till the car show comes to town.

Thanks, Lou. You and the "old chevy" made my day!
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