Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Abruzzi Pizza and Pasta

Mary Lou can toss up your pizza, lay out the place settings and get your glass of wine. This multitasking local Rentonite has been doing business in neighboring Normandy Park at her pizzeria since October of 2007, keeping up a tradition that started in Seattle many moons ago.

Named after a Seattle institution that was located in Downtown Seattle at 6th and Pike from 1956 til it's closing in 1994 when owner Nick Finamore (Mary Lou's exhusband) passed away, Abruzzi's Pizza & Pasta offers a smaller selection of some of those great dishes that the original served. When Mary Lou Sigette opened this business she hadn't made a pizza in 15 years, but your hands never forget how to work the dough and that woman can cook up a storm.

The interior is simple. Checkered tablecloths and wine served in tumblers instead of wine glasses against a backdrop of vibrant red walls. Daily specials on the board as you come in tell you what Mary Lou has especially created (like Pork loin Sandwich on garlic parmesan bread) and the soups are homemade on site. This is why I like eating out at nonfrachised joints - the food is unique and good.

Abruzzi's has hit the radar of the local dining section at the Seattle Times a couple of times. In December of 2008, Nancy Leson featured an article about Abruzzi's and for a couple of weeks, the place was hit with newcomers. Then business slides back to it's usual pace, being frequented by friends and regulars who make it their business to eat locally with Mary Lou.

If you remember Abruzzi's from your earlier years, the card above won't surprise you. It hearkens back to the same design used by the restaurant in the 50's. This is where old memories can be reborn and tastebuds can be satisfied. Stop in, support a local Rentonite and have some hand tossed, pizza made perfect as the Abruzzi tradition lives on in Mary Lou's capable hands.

Abruzzi Pizza & Pasta
17817 1st Ave. S.
Normandy Park, WA 98149

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Barbara said...

I can remember eating at the old Seattle Abruzzi's - it was great. Looking forward to trying it again!

Freakazoid Freddy said...

Abruzzi's is far better than average pizza. I had no idea Mary Lou was a Rentonite. She sure is a character!

Q said...

I've eaten at the Normandy Park restaurant & it is great! The pizza is delicious and they were very nice to my son (even sliced up his pizza into smaller slices so it would cool easier). It's a great place to hit for lunch or dinner if you have to trek out to Trader Joe's in Burien.

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