Thursday, February 25, 2010

A man and his dog

When a door closes, a window opens somewhere. Last year, on the hottest day our community has known, Phil Johnson lost his best buddy - his dog. Me Oh My had been given to him some years before, and was Phil's constant companion. The heat and strife ended up putting Phil in doctor's care as well.

But, as you might remember from this blog posting, the community rallied and got a sweet bundle of white fur to act as a new lifeline and friend for Phil. Lucky Johnson 13 is a breed of dog known as a "Coton Du Tulear". He was a rescue dog and is an example of true happiness and joy. Lucky brings a smile to anyone's face - he is just happy to see you everyday. He brought Phil even closer to a local, downtown community that didn't know him enough, and would have been heartily sad if they hadn't been given the chance.

Phil and Lucky became instant friends, and the bond has just grown. Phil has medical conditions that necessitate he use a motorized wheelchair more often than not, and Lucky loves a good ride. Having a dog brings Phil outside, helps with the exercise that he can do and brings him into the fold of the friends that frequent the area of South Third Street.

Many of you had asked for a follow-up story on Phil and Lucky from this posting last year. Here is your answer - neither of them could have gotten any luckier. Well matched, they are a team that spreads camaraderie and smiles. Together, they make the days worth living. As a team, they have become special friends to many.

These are the kind of stories that you want to hear about.
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His dog is super cute!

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