Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

The Dining Dog Cafe & Bakery in Edmonds offers canine lovers yet another way to party with their best friends - doggy style. This restaurant is completely for the dogs, offering a full course meal served on gold charger plates and special plush, low dog couches with a few regular chairs thrown in for the human species as well. It is a place to have a meeting or gathering for like minded animal lovers, or just a place to take your furry side kick for a taste treat.

Located in Firdale Village, this little cafe has been featured on the animal channel and I hear, soon to be a focus on a food network show. A meeting of small dog owners brought me and my friend, Sue Rider, with her furry crew to this little known destination. Having read about it a couple of times in the local rag, I was curious to see how the other half would be treated ala dining dog.

With a full scale repast comprised of starters (sliced hot dogs with cheese and another course of pate topped biscuits), a cocktail of yogurt and pumpkin, an entree of freshly cooked chicken breast with vegetables and a desert that resembled my other favorite food, cupcakes, I was left wishing that I was dining alongside my companions as well.

Dorothy Moore, owner, loves to cater to her clientele and the whole atmosphere is loving and comfortable. Every patron gets a pet and a bit of lavishing from Dorothy upon arrival.

These taste treats signal the end of the meal and are made on the premises. If you, as the human, want to eat as well, feel free to bring along your own snacks. You will wish that you did - the whole experience makes see how dogs so easily come to begging at the side of the table.

The Dining Dog
Cafe & Bakery
9635 Firdale Ave. Edmonds

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