Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Renton Wreathes Up and Holiday Parties begin

Wreathing up the downtown Renton corridor - that is what Stefeny Anderson was up to yesterday. Just thought I might see what all the decoration fuss was about - and me likes. Many store fronts on South Third Street bore the lovely holiday mark of a wreath and a red bow. Great work there, Stefeny.

If you see this bright holiday postcard in your daily travels - snag it up! It is an invite to the Holiday Party at Happy Delusions, the store for all your handcrafted gifts and treasures, this Saturday December 5th from 4 - 8pm. The card entitles the bearer to $5 off any purchase of $30 or more - so well worth the effort of picking it up.

And before I go, let us look at some of the festive decorations that are beginning to brighten our early winter nights here in town. Mary Clymer, owner of Happy Delusions, has gone garland crazy and I love the retro colored tinsel trees. I stopped by on my early evening stroll to get the photo in the twilight - full festive effect. There is nothing like the lights on a tree reflecting out into the dark ambient air to make one think of hot mugs of cocoa, warm winter socks and the smell of snow.

Happy Delusions
924 S. Third Street Renton WA 98057

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Anonymous said...

You're awesome Lady P. Thanks for all your kind words. I hope to see you out and about on Saturday.

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