Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Full Moon

photo of the Renton's full moon yesterday

My dear friend, Molly Hall calls this full moon in Gemini the "shake up" moon - lot's of strange and erratic energy bounding about that can make one feel ungrounded and off balance.

The good news is that it is also a great time to have those moments of great genius and wisdom, those little intuitive brainstorms that hit and give us some of our best ideas and solve problems that we have been gnawing at in a second of clarity. So, keep the notepad or voice notes recorder on your phone handy so you can remember those brilliant moments for later.

Molly Hall, who writes for, can be found here at her Astrology Blog. Molly is a regular Picaroon reader and made her first trip to Renton just a few months ago. Thanks, Molly.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Lady P! I got a fine impression of Renton, with the walk by the river and the friendly pub (with men using their outdoor voices, btw!). I lament that we don't have Alaskan Amber anywhere here, not even at World Market. That's something Renonites have on tap! Small hamlets near the Big City have a lot going on....Much Love, Molly

Lady P said...

Dear Molly - you are welcome back anytime, and we'll keep the beer rolling for ya hugs from Renton

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