Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jet City Pizza Co.

Jim Wright tossing the buttermilk pizza crust

Tree shopping can be hard work - and who doesn't like a sloppy, warm slice of pizza after slaving away at the Christmas Tree Lot.
Jet City Pizza Co. has an amazing product. The crust was the best I had chewed in awhile, and the toppings were gourmet in selection, fresh and chunky.

Buttermilk Hand-Tossed crust is the standard, but Roasted Garlic Herb and Micro Beer Batter Pan Pizza are other options. Note that this is a To-Go place, so the seating out front is usually for those waiting to pick up their pizza. They do have delivery, but how far they range in service, you would have to ask.

PS - gotta love the name, Rentonites!

Jet City Pizza Co.
6920 Coal Creek Pkwy., Ste 6
Store Hours: 11am-11pm Daily

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