Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Christmas Tree

The Picaroon loves to get into the spirit of things early - so off to The Christmas Tree Lot we went today in search of the prettiest tree within our measly budget. 10 minutes from Downtown Renton will put you in the neighboring city of Newcastle and at a lovely place to purchase this year's tree, Newcastle Fruit & Produce Company.

There is a tree for every budget - from the Douglas Firs for a mere 20 bucks (nothing Charlie Brown like about them) to the Frazier and Noble Firs that are about 50. They even have the type of trees that a high cathedral ceiling calls for - and those babies started at $130 on up.

Mistletoe anyone?

This tree lot is large, with ample parking and signs to guide you to your special greenery of choice.

Three women, three Christmas trees, a handful of dogs and kids - the staff took it all in stride with great service and a smile. That's all of our trees strapped to the roof of the car right there. It's so nice to go where your trade is so welcome.

Last year The Picaroon happily shopped at McLendon's for the tree, but missed this years one day sale yesterday 'cuz her lazy butt just couldn't crawl out of bed early enough to beat the crowds. The word is, that McLendon's sold through 800 Christmas trees yesterday and was down to just a few today. As I still have some extreme male Christmas shopping to do for the holiday, I will be making some trips there soon.

One final view of the hood of the Suburban, roof full of tree, before heading on home. Ah, the season is looking good this year!

Newcastle Fruit & Produce Company
13013 Newcastle Way
Newcastle, WA 98059

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Bob said...

You've been busy. Going to bakeries in Kent, pizza joints in Newcastle, getting trees with the Dogma lady. I can't keep up with your activities!

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