Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Picaroon

Happy Birthday greetings from The Picaroon to The Picaroon - you have made it a year, baby!

The Picaroon has it's sun sign in Scorpio, as does the author of said blog, and because of that, we get along famously. Loyal sometimes to a fault, tendency to have a long memory for arcane information that not too many others are likely to be interested in and loves a good book, cup of tea and or coffee and is snap-happy in the photo department to a fault.

You are likely to catch this blog taking walks in the community, smiling at babies and petting dogs. The Picaroon loves color, isn't afraid of the deep and heavy stuff, and occasionally speaks out if the time for such discussions is right. Otherwise, just trying to spread a little local sunshine and cheer will do just fine.

The Picaroon is presently looking for gainful employment, as are too many these days, and would love something part time so as not to get in the way of studious endeavors (gotta learn that Photo Shop!) and community efforts. This could include being a Renton barrista (good coffee hand here), cleaning nearby homes, rearing children for a few hours or giving Reiki/and or creative and intuitive pep talks (a real strength). The Picaroon is also a dab hand at decoration, redecorating (think homes, offices, retail windows) and repair work of the fiber kind (clothing, etc.) It goes without saying that I could take photos at a gathering for you and of course, who hasn't waited tables or poured beer.Speaks Mandarin Chinese and has done marketing and led tours.
Most obvious - can help you begin to blog and use social media.

Respectful and fairminded folk need only respond
as we are all equals in this daily struggle on planet earth.

ladypicaroon at gmail dot com

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Feathered Nest said...

Happy Birthday! Thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs! Keep up the good work..... and speaking of work, you shouldn't have any problem landing a position.

SheLives said...

Happy Birthday Picaroon! You've put Renton on my map, and I like how you celebrate the color of your hamlet. So many talents and gifts you have....
With admiration,
Savannah, GA

Amber Bamber said...

Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite RENTON blog The Picaroon! I always love hearing the news you have to share with us! Good Luck in your job search, any boss would be very lucky to have you!

Mama2boys said...

Happy Birthday! (better late than never right!) I love reading your blog, keep up the great stories of our wonderful community!!!

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