Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another closure in Renton - say goodbye to Value Village

Yet another goodbye in the Renton shopping and dining arena - Value Village will close it's doors a week from this Saturday. That's right - after 30 plus years of having a presence in our community, the thrift store will say goodbye very soon.

This particular Value Village was the first in the greater Seattle area, one of the sweet store staff told me today. That was over 30 years ago, and most members of the community have memories of coming to the store when they were kids. With the Halloween stuff already contained in a single aisle, Christmas decorations have already started to creep onto many a shelf and the common lament when the customers are told of the immanent closure is - But what about Christmas?

The store staff has been told that they can apply for a transfer and many of them have been going for interviews in Kent, Auburn and some as far as Puyallup. But like Amelia, my favorite of all staff at the store, says she will really miss the community and her customers the most. Amelia is a spreader of sunshine and smiles - so it will be a loss for all of us who look forward to be greeted by her on our visits to the store.

I will be the first to admit that I was once a completely devoted "Vee Vee" shopper, making it there a couple times a week at a minimum. I have treasures plucked from their store strewn throughout my home. The prices made it hard to consider shopping anywhere else - and I always found something in their selection to suit my fancy. But the last year, I have tapered off going. The prices rose and the sale days never held anything with the requisite tag color to make me want to continue to go. Family members even wrote as much into the company on a comments form. To no avail.

But I still would occasionally drop off my discards for donation and take a spin through the store and that is how I came to find out the news today. I am bummed - this economy just doesn't seem to be picking up as the news would have us believe. I know so many people seeking employment (including moi) and things are tight for most. Exactly the time when you need a good thrift store to help you make it through the most expensive holiday time of the year. Value Village - I will be missing you.

Value Village
1222 Bronson Way N Renton, WA
(425) 255-5637
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Anonymous said...

I like how you show that you value Vee Vee and its workers, as neighbors and part of the community. So often we don't know what we've got 'til it's gone. And you put a human face on what people are going through around the country.
We have lost many businesses in Savannah, too.

Anonymous said...

Epic fail! How can they go out of business in this economy? Much of their inventory is free.

Since I live near VV I'm disappointed that there will be a large vacant building there. However, I'm hopeful that this strip mall could end up slightly more upscale if a nicer business moves in.

Anonymous said...

So did they give a reason for closing ie rent/lease issue or was business that much off?????

Anonymous said...

How well we live without our Value Vilage!!!
Just Aimee

Lady P said...

There was a small blurb yesterday in the Seattle Times concerning the closure of this Value Village and they "declined to say" why. So when I spoke with the employees, they themselves did not know. Bummer. It has not fully sunk in yet. I will miss the thrill of shopping for a fiver when I need to exorcise my shopping demon.

And Aimee - I hear ya girl - Halloween costuming will just never be the same!

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