Monday, September 28, 2009

What I saw on Wells Street

The guy that has no fear of heights or where he puts his ladder up was back again this morning, stretching and a drilling on the second floor of the Louisa Building, currently under major remodel that will take the building's look back a few decades. So far, lovely work - though I am missing the 1950's mint tile facade and the all over "cool" color scheme that came with it. Sigh.

The Harries Building is now laid low and the deconstruction moves to the basement floor today as the work crew, who initially thought this would go down quickly, put in yet another day of dismantling a piece of downtown Renton's history.

The First Savings and Loan Building, on the other hand, is going up quite fast and every day brings a new layer of readiness. Needless to say foot traffic on this stretch of block sucks. You can't walk on either side and safely make your way to South Third. Sometimes you encounter dirty looks as you try bravely to navigate your way through the pavement obstacle course.

That is why it is best to travel in crowds and hold hands - the traffic will notice you far quicker and give way with alacrity (one hopes, anyways). Besides, when was the last time you had a walking buddy to share the sights and sounds of your stroll with?
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casey jane said...

HI, i work for Serra Media--I like the pictures you posted about Renton and have posted a few of them at the Renton Reporter website.

Just let me know if this makes you uncomfortable and ill take them down--though it would be a shame!

Keep on blogging!

Lady P said...

I am glad that you like my work - I like it to, and that is why there is a nice little forward on the very top righthand side of my blog asking everyone to be polite, and ask before taking. I would love to have a PROPER link and be given proper credit on the esteemed Renton Reporter blog - but please, to you, or anyone else in the future - this is MY hard work, and I would like you to ask before taking. Otherwise, go out and do the work yourself. That is why there is a copyright notification at the foot of this blog. And make it easy for me to get in contact with you - so that my work and myself are shown the respect we both deserve. Blogland - we have sheriffs in this town.

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