Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Breakfast Beyond your zip code

During the week here in Renton, finding a new breakfast place to grab an a.m. nosh is a bit of a challenge. Oh, you know that I love a weekend trip to Tommy's, Rubattinos, and my new crush, A Terrible Beauty for their brunch fare. But sometimes, I get a hankering to go further afield and try something new. Enter the praiseworthy destination - Geraldine's Counter in Columbia City.

First off, at this time of year while the skies are still shining so blue - the ride up Rainier Ave. from Renton is just an eyeful of gorgeous sights. The road winds around the edge of Lake Washington with it's lovely views, and the pace is easy and not the least stressful.

Columbia City is one of those neighborhoods that is slowly rebuilding itself and keeping the old buildings and friendly neighborhood charm while they do. Geraldine's Counter, at the corner S. Edmunds and Rainier Ave. S., is right in the hubbub of Columbia City, with a florist shop and bakery across the way - both of which The Picaroon has shopped and eaten at with great relish.

Bill Provin/Rentonite at large

The interior of this historic building has bright, modern colored walls, but old style linoleum flooring and exposed brick walls. It opens at 7am for the early birds and has a nice, strong coffee brewing for you upon arrival. Along with some omelets and scrambles is their much talked about french toast and breakfast casserole, which is what our table indulged in, happily paying the dollar extra to have the largest and fluffiest buttermilk biscuit served up alongside.

Street parking in the neighborhood is not difficult to find if you circle the block, and that will put you in the mind to wander a bit more off the beaten track to discover other hidden restaurant and coffee shop treasures on the side streets of this little burg.

This was just a ray of sunshine place to eat and a great way to begin your morning. Highly recommend it folks - when venturing outside the zip code.

Geraldine's Counter Restaurant
4872 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 723-2080

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Christina said...

Thanks for sharing a place I may not have ordinarily been likely to try. There are not enough breakfast places around Renton and as a self proclaimed breakfast connoisseur, I WILL try it ASAP.

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