Monday, September 21, 2009

Today at the Jimi Hendrix Memorial

The task this a.m. - hike up Cemetery Hill (yes, from the DTR on foot) and take photos of Jimi Hendrix's grave. Weather forecast for the week - it's gonna get hot again. This means awesome blue skies for great photo taking but definitely not late afternoon walking weather. These are just some of the few (ahem, many) photos I took. Wanna photo card? Head to the lobby of the Renton Historical Museum and they will be there on sale by tomorrow. I saved some great images just for them. $3.50 a pop - can't beat the price, and you know you have always wanted to go and check out our little gem of a museum.

Greenwood Memorial Park
350 Monroe Ave. N.E.
Renton WA 98056

(Turn left at the McDonald's on Monroe and then on the left to the Southeast is the grave, you can't help but see it - there is parking right there in the lot at the cemetery.)

Renton Historical Museum
235 Mill Ave S
Renton, WA 98057-2133
(425) 255-2330
The museum also gives out directions to the meandering public in search of Jimi. Hence, the cool photo cards for the fans.
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Anonymous said...

Lady P, you're going to be FAMOUS!

Anonymous said...

I love Jimi Hendrix!

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