Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Being a Volunteer were it counts

In a time when everyone wants a bit of your cash or time, it is important to choose wisely how you spend the energy and funds you have, making the most of what you have to give. The Renton History Museum relies a lot on the hours of dedicated service that people offer through their volunteer hours at the museum. And the museum knows how to show appreciation too. Yesterday's Fall Luncheon is just one of a handful of similar events that I have been privy to and enjoyed since being in Renton.

I came to fall in love with our little hidden gem of a museum through the Renton History Museum Speaker Program that is sponsored by Humanities Washington. (Check this out - I can't rave enough about the series! next up Mixed Beans Soup - comfort stories with a pinch of nutrition by Karol Brown on Oct.3 at 11am)

If you want to make a difference locally, love the heritage of Renton or just want to interact with the public at large in a really cool setting - the museum needs you. Volunteers will act as greeters on Saturdays for 3 hours once a month. Call (425)255-2330 and ask to speak to Dorota Rahn or Elizabeth Stewart.

Renton History Museum
235 Mill Ave. South
(425) 255 - 2330

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