Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Storytime and squirrels

Storytime at the Renton Public Library is on - and Mira Schlegel is proudly sporting her storytime badge today. Ms. Lynar reported on this library happening over at her blog right here, and I just was loving the synchronicity of the squirrel theme over here at The Picaroon. Today's stories centered around this furry creature, much to all the kids delight and of course, to mine.

This squirrel visited my window ledge (the window that was open and without a screen, mind you) just this week. The ceramic squirrel was a gift because of the antics I got up to this past March with yet another squirrel.....

as seen here. Fall and it's attendant silliness is most certainly here folks. Make way for the bluster which is Autumn.
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Anonymous said...

Luckily for the kids Ms. Jessica left out any story that dealt with dead squirrels....

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